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What is Continental Coupons?
We are a monthly direct mail coupon book that is also supported by our website and Facebook. Coupons are also downloadable off our website that services advertising customers by providing a "lower cost" per household alternative.

The Continental Coupons "program" is designed for the licensee to grow and develop their business through building local relationships.

Why direct mail coupon advertising?
More money is invested in direct mail advertising than is spent on any other single advertising medium, including television.

An Investment, Not An Expense
No advertising medium is more effective at getting new customers and increasing business.
86.5% open direct mail advertisements
72.5% frequently or occasionally use direct mail advertisements to buy products and services

Consumers go to their mailbox every day.
According to the U.S. Postal Service, 74% of Americans immediately read or look at advertising they receive in the mail.

Why Coupons?
94% of all consumers like and use coupons!
94% of all consumers use direct mail coupons!
40% of all consumers receiving coupons share unused coupons with relatives or friends

Over two billion coupons were redeemed last year!
source: Frankel & Co., A.C. Nelson and Research Advantage, Inc.

An industry survey found that:
83% of all women use coupons.
57% of all men use coupons.
source: Frankel & Co., A.C. Nelson and Research Advantage, Inc.

Direct-Mail Advertising... for less than One Penny a household!

What we do for you:

  • Graphic Design (proofs & spec ads)
  • Print
  • Distribution (mailing)
  • Website (creation & maintenance)
  • Sales Materials

Territory Information
Continental Coupons, is the book that's mailed out to all households within your desired territory. We are now offering to new licensee's exclusive territories for publication of their own "Continental Coupons" book. Ownership of an exclusive Continental Coupons territory provides each owner with an "at home" business that can provide an income controlled by you and the job security and quality of life we all desire. Now you can truly work where you want to live.

The Benefits of Owning your own Continental Coupons territory include:

  • Income Potential Controlled By You
  • Immediate Return On Investment
  • Job Security
  • Flex Time
  • Work Where You Want To Live
  • No Inventory, Building/Equipment Leases, Employees Required
  • Complete Training And Continued Support
  • Be Part Of An Exciting, Growing Business

Training and Support
Continuous support and training is on going as you build your business while you work with our graphic design staff to build your monthly book. We provide training and continued support. This training includes all the necessary product, sales and delivery information for the monthly production of a Continental Coupons publication.

Our training, methods and production information allow us to provide a virtual “turnkey operation” for the immediate successful start of your own exciting business. Please call 312-213-4100 if you have any questions or comments, or Email Us for additional information.

What is my Investment?
$5,000 per territory (minimum 50% down, financing available)
$20,000 minimum net worth

What do I have to do?

How much can I earn?
Up to $70,000+ annually depending on territory size, and your commitment to your business.

Contact us or call 312-213-4100.